Maiden and Her Child


In the words of the prophet is written the lines,

 " I will comfort my people, I will give them a sign.

 I will offer salvation for now is the time.

 And know, O house of David -- the Maiden is with Child."


On the dust covered hill sides, in the quiet of the night

 'Twas shepherds out feeding who first saw the light.

 A window to Heaven as the sound filled the sky

 Sing Glory to God - for the Maiden and her Child.


In a bitter December on a night cold and still,

 In a cave by the moonlight, saw God's plan fulfilled.

 A cry fills the night sky. O where does Heaven hide?

 While the world is sleeping silently - the Maiden lulls her Child.


Across the many countries, across the days and years,

 May God's shadow fall upon us, may we know the Child of Peace.

 For the same star still is shining as it seeks out you and me,

 In each heart a voice is calling - 'Tis the Maiden and her Child.

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